We support you in mastering your procedures

Mastery of procedures is a necessary step towards a mature organization. Being well accompanied is the guarantee of a successful project.

We transform your rigid procedures (paper/pdf) into interactive procedures executable on Geeers.

We organize workshops to deploy procedures specific to your organization.

We customize APIs to connect Geeers to your own information system.


We offer training courses, to allow rapid familiarization with Geeers and autonomous use.

  • Setting up a workspace
  • Import and customization of procedure templates
  • Parameterization of procedure triggers
  • Form configuration
  • Management of action groups
  • Analysis and continuous improvement of procedures
  • Data export

Our experts support you in achieving operational excellence

Tailor-made support for operational excellence

At Geeers we want to provide you with all the skills you need to master your processes and workflows.

We’ve partnered with leading consulting firms & experts to make you achieve operational excellence.

Step 1

Our experts analyze your actual operations and work with you to identify the key processes to be digitized.

Step 2

We share with you the best modeling and automation practices. We support you in the digitalization of your first workflows.

Step 3

We introduce the continuous improvement methodology and support you in advancing operational excellence, one process at a time.

Our partners

Network of Arts et MΓ©tiers engineering experts

AM Acceleration connects corporations with hardware and industry 4.0 startups

Our experts & partners support you and accelerate the development of your workflow management solution.