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How to get started with Business Process Management as an SME or startup ?

This is the question we explored today at Technopole Helioparc. Participants and experts shared views on Business Process Management, and how it can be applied for small businesses.

Key learnings :

👉 Processes and agility are friends, if we don’t fall into old traps

👉 Process mapping is the first step for small businesses

👉 Business rules (if, then,…) must be clarified for all stakeholders

👉 Modern digital platforms make it easy to get started, like Adonis for process mapping, Geeers for workflow automation and Ancodea to prepare for audits.



Mehdi Jabrane

Entrepreneur, fondateur de Mapotempo

Jean-François Pirus

Président fondateur du cabinet BPMS - Expert innovation auprès de l'Union Européenne (SME2020/Green Deal) - Membre du bureau IIBA France Chapter

Marina Vial

Business Development Manager France - BOC Group

Gontran Boizanté

Entrepreneur, CEO - Geeers

Joëlle Burgau

Co-créatrice d'AnCodea logiciel Qualité interactif

Special thanks to 🏢 Technopole Helioparc, 🐓 French Tech Pau Béarn and 🎥 Ouverture TV for supporting us.

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